Wardruna - Solringen

Være tålmodig, , be patient, soyez patient, будьте терпеливы.

Pagan alliance

Det som engang var

The music is a new version of Sôlbjörg (from "Sôl austan, Mâni vestan").

Text: Det som engang var (What once was)

The library of Alexandria, built under the rule of Ptolemy, a Macedonian Destroyed by the "Early Christians" What history fails to tell us is that all the European libraries the JudeoChristians got their hands on suffered the same fate How much of our forebears knowledge went up in flames because of this?

Irminsûl was just one of the many sacred trees in Europe They were all chopped down by the Judeo-Christians Eventually the rest of the forest suffered the same fate "Cut them down. Cut them all down." (Saruman)

How many of these were dismantled and used to build churches? What stood here, before the Judeo-Christians came and destroyed it all?

Who were these "primitive Pagan barbarians" of Europe, who according to the Judeo-Christians deserved to have their cultures destroyed?
They made this...

What once was is lost because of the crimes of Judeo-Christianity But we still have our European blood and with it the ability to recreate everything that was lost
Europe will rise... Again!

In memory of all the hundreds of millions who until now have fallen victim to the Judeo-Christian crimes against humanity
Dedicated to all those who fight against this darkest evil in our world!

Varg Vikernes